Third Eye Tee


Life has been tough lately. We've been through so many challenges and if we learned one thing during this pandemic it's that we have to take care of each other. We are so happy to be launching this tee as a reminder to everyone that life can be difficult but together it's a little easier. 
Now I'd like to tell you a little backstory about Stacy. Stacy has been in our life for over 4 years. At first, she was the queen that screen printed the majority of our tees but as we worked together we became friends. We rant about how much work we have, about deadlines, screen printing, life, and politics. In early January she tested positive with Covid-19 and over 5 months later she is still dealing with the effects. This tee was designed by her during one of the most difficult times in her life. It is a reflection of the emotions she experienced. We are launching this tee in an effort to raise money to help her with medical expenses as well as the inevitable expenses that come with being sick. All the proceeds will be given straight to her. 
  • Mint tee/ red-orange design
  • Unisex Fit 
  • Designed by THE amazing Stacy!

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