We exist to empower you and remind you that your ancestors are always cheering you on! 
We're a lifestyle brand that builds community and celebrates cultura every day! 

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JZD started in 2016 because we felt like we needed a reminder of our power. Our first successful product is the now iconic Pink Latina Power Tee. When that tee blew up we realized that so many of you felt the same way. At that moment we decided to focus on creating products that made us feel represented and connected to our roots.
We’ve grown and changed but at the core this brand is still on a mission to tell not only our story, but yours too.

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2014 was a BIG year for Jen and Vero to say the least. Jen and Vero got married AND started JZD with no money, no furniture in their apartment and a steady diet of ramen noodles. Jen realized how miserable she was at her job so she quit that position and that was the last time she ever worked for someone else.
In November 2014 Jen created the Pink Latina Power Tee that launched JZD on Etsy.

Red and pink Latina Power tee

This isn’t an overnight success story by any means. There were times when Jen and Vero had to pawn their computer to make rent. After countless sleepless nights and tears shed things started looking brighter. Every time a powerful Latina would post photos in a JZD Tee there would be an influx of orders and new customers.
2017 brought the website that you’re scrolling through right now. Little by little JZD started to grow. Eventually JZD expanded beyond tees and introduced products that had long been requested by the community. JZD came to life at a unique time on the internet where Instagram became the main form of connection for people. Jen knew she had to utilize this new tool to make the most of her new business. This brought the JZD community that is known and loved today.
With each new collection and product launch JZD gets the input of their community and customers. You are part of everything JZD does!

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In 2018 Vero quit her job to save her own mental health. She worked on the front lines of helping immigrant children find relief to stay in the US and it was as taxing as you can imagine. JZD wasn’t financially ready for another full time employee but the badass wife duo made it work.
Jen moved to the US from Mexico at 7 years old and Vero is a first generation Mexican-American. Both women know what it means to sacrifice for a better future and held steady in uncertain times because they knew they could make it through.

Founders of JZD women's clothing brand

So now it’s 2021 and JZD has rebranded, expanded, and we have so much space to grow.
There are now 6 people on the team and so many big things coming up for your favorite Queer Latina owned lifestyle brand.

Photograph of the team behind the brand